Our Coffee Shop:coffee

While visiting our pretty little cafe you can enjoy a variety of delicious coffees, refreshing smoothies, shakes and home made cakes. For our coffees we stock 100% Arabica. Signature roast from We Love Coffee is a complex blend of 4 South American Arabicas. Roasted a little bit high and a little bit longer, almost a Full City roast! Tasting notes: Rich and dark with chocolate and caramel undertones. Ethical and delicious, this blend ticks all the right boxes. ‘Organic Triple Certified’ means it has been approved by the Fairtrade Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Food Federation. So the next time you enjoy your morning coffee, you could simultaneously be helping the environment and ensuring hard-working coffee farmers get a fair deal.

For selection of our beverages, snacks and cakes please check out our MENU.

Internet summer1Cafe:

If you need to use our internet cafe services we offer you 14 safe and secured, up to date and maintained PC stations. With us you receive the access to all available software and drives – you can check your emails, type out or print your CV, back up your data on CD/DVD or USB, Skype or simply surf.

Our current download is in the range of 150 Mbps and our upload in the range of 12 Mbps.

Our Services:

If you are looking for any of the following services in Edinburgh:

Scanning (A4 & A3) , Faxing, Copying (A4 & A3), Printing (A4 & A3), Laminating, Comb Binding – please do not hesitate to contact us. Here is a full list of our services SERVICES.

We protect our customers:

All of our computers are protected by a special piece of software which formats the station’s hard drive after every session (wiping browsing history, passwords and any saved files) – this leaves a clean and secure station for

every single customer. Our routine updates are carried out every month, further more our sister company PC Repair Man who is in charge of all our things technical  is situated right next door to us so if there ever is a technical emergency we tend to resolve it pretty fast.

We try to help:


Our team is trained in using all the software  and hardware we have available on our stations and they are ready to  help you.  We do not claim to provide a personal assistant with every station but we do try  to help at NO extra cost. However please try to  respect that o

ur staff has to prioritise running of the cafe to giving out tutorials. If you require extended help please budget extra time for your visit or/and visit us during our down times (7PM – 9PM Mon – Fri or 6PM – 8PM Sat & Sun). If you wish to doubl10152412_10152019959876487_7127079593904425430_ne check whether we can or cannot help you with a particular problem/task please telephone prior to your visit.

You can check out our current team HERE.

We are dog/cat friendly:

Feel free to bring in your 4 legged friends, we love them and welcome them on our premises. However we do have several territorial doggie patrons so please make sure everyone is happy about your pets presence before you enter the cafe. Thank you.

WiFi Lounge – Private Hire:11402332_10152911922837513_8520208503771862674_o

Our Wifi Lounge is a cosy snug at the basement of our cafe and is available for private hire in 2 hour blocks. The room is complete with high speed WiFi and on request we can organize a HD Projector. It is suitable for small size meetings and clubs. Please contact us for more information and costs.

Take a Book, Leave a Book:

Our little book exchange is getting quite popular. Why not recycle your books with us or if you see a book you would like to borrow but don’t have a book on you at that time – just take it and simply bring it back .